Make your carpets and fabrics look younger and brighter!

We realize the importance of spotless carpets and hence offer cleaning programs tailored to every unique need and budget.

We are experts in these services

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Equipped with the most advanced machines, Double Clean Carpets has built an exceptional reputation for carpet cleaning. Through steam cleaning hot water extraction; grit, dirt and stains that hoard in the base of carpets are pulled out leaving your carpets looking fresh and dry in no time. Worried about the bleak stains in your carpets? Leave it to us. Anything from wine stains, blood or oil, Double Clean Carpets does it in a jiffy. For stains, we do special stain treatment that makes the blot vanish completely ensuring protection to your carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning

Be it leather or any other fabric, our skilled professionals can handle any kind of upholstery cleaning and protection. Steam cleaning efficiently removes suspended soil and dirt from the upholstery and extra drying ensures that the material is not left soggy. Hence long life and protection guaranteed for your upholstery.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our competent cleaners restore and maintain the original color and texture of rugs using steam cleaning at the same time making them spotless. Our skilled technicians choose the perfect cleaning method that best suites the material of your rug so that they are nourished and protected over the years.

Mattress Cleaning

Get rid of all kinds of bugs, fungus, dust mites and bacteria from your mattress by steam cleaning and enjoy a sound sleep. Apart from extracting dust and dirt from the mattress, our steam cleaning method exterminates bugs and mites without making it too damp.

Flood Damage

In addition to cleaning and restoring carpets from flood damaged area, Double Clean Carpets also helps in removal of water.


Our retretches are done by moving out all furniture, taking up all of the carpet and determining what may have caused the wrinkles. Then we restretch the carpet using a power stretcher or a knee kicker.

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